Marmosjös Amber the First Lady "Amber"
BOS Puppy, 18 lb. dob 990930.
Clear Heart, Eye and Patella at the age of 6..

She is just Amber!! A heart of gold,
with greate personality..

Ravensbeech Sceptre
7,11 years
Fittlewood the Boss at Wightisle
8 years
GB Ch Alberto of Kindrum
Ravensbeech Dawn Run to Fittlewood
Ravensbeech Pearl Diver
4 years
GB Ch Toraylac Joshua
6 year
Romerio Petit Fleur from Ravensbeech
Lazycroft's Heart and Soul
8,5 years
Grantilley Gambler 2 CC
9,9 years
Toraylac Christopher Robin 1 CC
Grantilley Reflection
Banderillas Brigitte Barbro r'cc
10 years
Trick-Trick's Tom Mix
Gnistan's Jassi Noble