Lazycroft's Bewitched "Ellen" Dob 31/8-06
Clear Patella and Eye. Heartclear 120229
Clear EF, Clear DE and CCS

Toraylac Jonas
1 CC 7 years

GBCh Toraylac Joshua
6 ½ years

Homerbrent Jeremy at Cottismeer

Toraylac Mystical Music Maker

Toraylac Crystabelle
8 years

GBCh Toraylac Joshua 6 ½ years

GBCh Harana Christa of Toraylac

An Sofie's
5,2 years

SUCh Homerbrent Pennyroyal
9 years

Homerbrent Pengraham At Sukeara 11 years

GBCh Homerbrent Isidora 7 years

Sperringgårdens Cream Delight 
7 years

Ch Tanmerack Chardin 9 years

Sperringgårdens Custard Cream

Judge Mark Smith, Aranel Cavaliers UK.
"Blenheim bitch 8 months. Liked this bitch as soon as she entered the ring.
Lovely outline, pretty head, Nice eyes, gentle expression.
Good sissors bite, Nicely arched neck into well laid shoulders, good topline,
good rib and depth of chest, very sound mover, looks good in profile going round the ring, good head carriage."

2 BB
Judge Gordon Inglis, Craigowl Cavaliers UK
"Lovely size and perfectly balanced. With most striking outline, which she shows to advantage both standing and on the move. Great neck, shoulders, topline and tailset and correct coming and going towards me. Also delicious head with a gentles of expression coming from her huge appealing eyes."