My Beautiful Lazycroft's Heavenly Fan-TC "Linea" Dob 6/8-04
SUCh Lazycroft's Rose Mullion x Lazycroft's Nell My Fan-TC
(Thank you so much for this lovely photo Sofia)

Clear Heart, Eye and Patella 080827

SUCh Lazycroft's Rose Mullion Toraylac Jonas GBCh Toraylac Jonas
Toraylac Crystabelle
Marmosjö's Amber the First Lady Ravensbeech Sceptre
Lazycroft's Heart and Soul
Nell My Fan-TC
Jörsi's Just a Fan-TC
1 CC
Ch Magic Charm's Indian Warrior
Ch Con Calores
Magic Spring Charme
Heaven on Earth 1 CC
Grantilley Gambler 2 CC
Banderillas Brigitte Barbro ck