Lazycroft's For your Eyes Only "Sara" 2 CC's Dob 040802

Clear Patella and Eye. Heartclear 20120319
Clear EF, Carrier CCS and DE

(2 ½ years at the photo)

Homerbrent Exhilaration
10 ½ Years
Homerbrent Expression
9½ Years
Homerbrent Illusion 10Years
INTCh Homerbrent James Bond
GBCh Homerbrent Tradition 11 Years
Homerbrent Calina Homerbrent Carkeel
Cottismeer Jasmin Of Homerbrent
Homerbrent Adela
5½  Years
Choya Acclamation Lovetrac Lawrence Heronsbridge
Choya Highland Gem
Homerbrent Juliette Braddabrook Jubilee Of Homerbrent
Homerbrent Camilla
SUCh, NUCh Sperringgårdens Cinnamon
6,3 Years
Toraylac Jonas
7 Years
Toraylac Joshua 6½ Years
Homerbrent Jeremy at Cottismeer
Toraylac Mystical Music Maker
Toraylac Crystabelle
8 Years
GBCh Toraylac Joshua
GBCh Harana Christa of Toraylac
Sperringgårdens Cellesse
10 Years
Homerbrent James Stewart
7 Years
Ch Homerbrent James Bond
Homerbrent Can-Can
Sperringgårdens Carisma SUCh Pamedna Lord Louis
SUCh Homerbrent Juanita

Judge Gordon Inglis, Craigowl Cavaliers UK
 "Perfect for size, lovely balance. Very well made body, corered in plenty of soft texture coat.
Sweetest expression on a head that had all I was seeking. Moved exeptionally well. Heavy marked."