SE UCh Lazycroft's Capucine "Mindy" photo by Ivana Kutela"
Dob 20070615
Clear Patella and Eye. Heartclear 20131028

Clear EF, Clear DE and CCS
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NordCh Sperringgårdens
Christopher Da Vinci
(8 ½ years clear in heart)

Sunset Harbour 2 CC

Keyingham Christian
Grantilley Emerald Charm

Sperringgårdens Cellesse

SUCh Homerbrent James Stewart
Sperringgårdens Carisma

Lazycroft's Heavenly Fan-TC

Lazycroft's Rose Mullion

Toraylac Jonas, 1CC
Marmosjö's Amber the First Lady

Lazycroft's Nell My Fan-TC

Jörsi's Just a Fan-TC, 1CC

Lazycroft's Heaven On Earth, 1CC


Kara, 11 months @ photo
Lazycroft's Kara Milovy "Kara" (11 months @ photo) CK
Dob 20090429
Clear Patella and Eye. Heartclear 20131028

Clear EF, Carrier CCS and DE, CM2/ SM2a
Rosscrea Free Loader
(7 years clear in heart)
GBCh Keyingham Branwell Maibee Montrose
Keyingham Fidgeon
Rosscrea Swingtime Keyingham Christian
Rosscrea Memphis Belle
For Your Eyes Only 2 CC
(7 ½ years clear in heart)
Homerbrent Exhilaration GBCh Homerbrent Expression
Homerbrent Adela
SUCh, NUCh Sperringgårdens Cinnamon Toraylac Jonas 1CC
SUCH Sperringgårdens Cellesse



~Knattings Jersey Girl "Minna"~
Dob 20110711
Clear Patella and Eye. 20131028
Clear EF, Clear DE and CCS

Sanicro Knight of Honour
(7 years clear in heart)
GBCh Sanicro Intuition GBCh Sanicro Made by Magic
Grantilley Blue Moon
Sanicro Miss Dynamite Sanicro Robroy MCCoy
Karrains Sea Breeze
Knattings Mayflower
(5 years clear in heart)
SE V-04-05-06, EUW-05 Nord Uch, Nord V-06, WW-08
Miletree Perrion
GBCh Miletree Njinsky
Bumblecorn Campion of Miletree
SUCh, Knattings Sweet-Harmony
(7 years clear in heart)
Nord Ch, Int Ch Nord V-02 SE V-03
Cavaliertorpets Elton
Gnistans Harmony-Light

Knattings Jersey Girl "Minna

Knattings Jersey Girl "Minna


Lazycroft's Bewitched "Ellen" CK
Dob 31/8-06

Lazycroft's For your Eyes Only "Sara" 2 CC
Dob 040802
(2 years at the photo)


Vouges Voodoo Doll "Nina", Dob 22/12-05


Lazycroft's Nell My Fan-TC (Tilda) 11 ½ years @ pix

Lazycroft's Nell My Fan-TC (Tilda) 11 ½ years @ pix

Lazycroft's Nell My Fan-TC (Tilda) 11 ½ years @ pix

Lazycroft's Nell my Fan-TC "Tilda" 2 ck dob 000210
Clear Heart, Eye and Patellas at the age of 7years..
Need I say that this sound lady is the clown in the famliy,
together with Wilma giving us quite a laugh..

Jörsi's Just a Fan-TC
1 CC, 6,7 year
Ch Magic Charm's Indian Warrion
7 year
Ch Pamedna Lord Louis
Ch Annatika Winema 7 year
Ch Con Calores Magic Spring Charme
7 year
Ch Delhaze Springfort 7 year
Con Calores Diwayne
Lazycroft's Heaven on Earth 1 CC, 7 year Grantilley Gambler 2 CC
9,9 year
Toraylac Christopher Robin 1 CC
Grantilley Reflection
Banderillas Brigitte Barbro ck
10 year
Trick-Trick's Tom Mix
Gnistans Jassi Noble

Ch Lazycroft's Rose Mullion (Harry) 9 years @ pix

Toraylac Jonas Ch Toraylac Joshua Ch Homerbrent Jeremy at Cottismere
Toraylac Mystical Music Maker
Toraylac Crystabelle Ch Toraylac Joshua
Ch Harana Christa Of Toraylac
Marmosjö's Amber The First Lady Ravensbeech Sceptre Fittlewood the Boss at Wightisle
Ravensbeech Pearl Diver
Lazycroft's Heart and Soul Grantilley Gambler
Banderillas Brigitte Barbro